Dec. 1st, 2008 08:41 am
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Well it's been a while since I used this blog as a, well, you know blog.... So I thought I'd try something novel!

Anyway life is good. I've kept busy, kept on stage and kept the juices flowing nicely, all of which is great. I now have a joint account with Chris. I've never had a joint account with anyone in my life ever, so it's a big deal. Well it is to me. Today I get to do our first rental payment out of it! It's a big moment. Of course the biggest moment was when I came home earlier in the week and said

"Chris Chris Chris!"
"Yes Seamus" she replied, with much less enthusiasm and vigour than I....
"I bought Cheese"
"That's nice dear"
"And I used the card for the joint account - It's our first joint account purchase!"
"Oh, wow" she replied with a comparable level of enthusiasm and vigour to mine.

Here endeth the parable of the cheese.

So yeah. Applied to go to uni. Applied for a car loan. And I'm singing again! I've had the good fortune to be cast in Melbourne Model:The Musical's return season in March. It should be nuts. I'm playing Geoff Blainey. Had a BBQ with the cast and crew last night. I also discovered that work after a Sunday night piss up is not as easy as it used to be - surprise surprise.

Oh and Robert Doyle is the new lord mayor. So I'm glad I got out of the City of Melbourne game when I did!! :).


Apr. 10th, 2008 04:02 pm
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I just sent off a request to transfer the bulk of my credit card balance to a new card, where the money will attract no interest for 9 months. If I can get myself to the point, in that time, that this is the only component of my former 'CREDIT CARD DEBT OF DOOM', then I'll be happy.

It's taken a year to whittle the thing down, but I'm getting there. And it's not like I've lived frugally at all.... Oh, and I also started seeing a dentist and an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon (wisdom teeth man), they're expensive.

But yes, I reflect on where I was and where I am, and although things may not be 100/100 right now, they are so so so much better.
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To all of you who supported my not drinking effort in Feb, thanks for everything!

I managed to get togeter $265 for the cause(s), so it should help some people out there struggling with alcohol and other drugs.


Jul. 21st, 2006 03:20 pm
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I got my tax back. It was only 200 bucks. Still, better than a slap in the face with a cold fish....

I remember last year: 3 jobs, 1 without claiming the tax free threshold. 3 months of the finanical year spent starting a new full time job.... 1800 dollars

This year: 1 job. Full time. 12 months...... wow.... never thought I'd do that. 200 bucks.

It's still money


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