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Well you guys showed me. My god. Well done. I think any second night heebi Jeebies have been put to rest - that was brilliant. So so so so so good. Chris - your work was so good. so so so so good. And everyone around you lifted with you. *applause*. Oh and Mark, just give me a heart attack next time. Still you pulled it off, well done.

Did anyone see me stab Keith Snr's foot with the wooden sword?

Now if only I could make my scenes in Orestes run so smoothly....


Oct. 20th, 2005 12:27 am
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Wow. Everyone be proud. I mean it. Any depressing self-criticism will be met with death. Be proud. Love you all. Well done. Tonight was honestly the best I've seen so far. And I know it's going to be better still. You all have no idea how happy I am with all of you. I was watching it for the 7th or so time (some scenes for about the 20th time) and I genuinely enjoyed it.
Thankyou everyone.

PS Mark - my psycho flash during the focus was just a psycho flash - no grudge borne or anything. And it didn't lead to homicide. Apparently the people out the front could hear it.... whoops :).

PPS Mark - your ad-libbing was brilliant. Well done.

PPPS Chris - your cousin should be jealous of your body - remember to flaunt it sister!

PPPPS James - Just a flat out well done to you on all counts. I mean it - you're on top of the roll and have been for weeks.

PPPPPS Kate - oh my god. Well done, well done, well done. We're just going to use herbal cigarettes from now on, that should make life easier for you.

PPPPPPS For anyone else that's got an LJ and deserves some of my post first night gushiness - congrats. If you were in my play, I was impressed. Applies to all and sundry. Well done.
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Tonight it's on. That's all I'll say. It'll be great. Well done, and thank you to everyone - you know who you are. What's on you ask?
Omniprop presents...

Bump in II

Oct. 17th, 2005 11:54 pm
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My god. So tired. So so so so so so so so tired. 9am start - 11:50pm back at home. That's a day in the life of a theatre working kinda guy (like me). My feet hurt. My eyes aren't working. Nor's my brain. But man - weees was shit hot :). I hope that the cast members reading this realise that Helen and I have actually snuck in a Dress rehearsal and called it a tech run :). I've seen my show. It looks good. 2 days out from opening you'd hope it does... It's only going to get better. Better better better :). wow.... food then sleep.... mmmm sleeeeep.....


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