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Everything is pretty dandy. There's more tomatoes coming now, nearly 20 all together, and the existing ones are getting larger and larger whichis good.
The transplanted silverbeet is looking a little tired, but it'll pick up in this wet, I hope....
What's more exciting is the current state of the zucchini's, with things starting to happen there,and some fruits starting on the stems.
Our capsicum's are starting to flower too.
Our broad-beans out the back are flowering again, so hopefully we'll get another crop off them soonish, and with a little luck it'll be a bit bigger than last time...
Other stuff is pretty much unchanged, I'm a bit worried that we've planted a bit too densely for our root vegetables especially. Root vegetables aren't the biggest fans of containers to begin with.... But they're also very very hardy, so transplanted them here and there hasn't caused any issues.

Planted new seeds for some new crops: Leeks, Cabbages and Celery.
Also planted some new herbs: New basil seeds (please let them work for a change, pretty please!), and coriander. If the gods smile on us, we'll have them up pretty fast.

Plant out the next batch! I think it happens in about 4 days.... Can't remember, but I've written it down somewhere.

I've also got a big shovel so we can dig out the stupid spinifex/grass bushes out the front and replace them with something useful. That'll be hard yakka, but once they're gone we'll have room for something substantial if we want it. Partly shaded area, with good afternoon sun.... we'll see what we can come up with for it. The soil will probably need some work before it's ready though....

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So, in light of a recent new years resolution I'm going to track my gardening activities here. Feel free to heap praise on my efforts, also if it sounds like my activities are going to kill something, feel free to speak up!.

I'm going to format this thus: A quick update giving the overall state of play of the plants, an outline of my activities for the day and a note about future plans:


Looking over the pots things are looking reasonable:

We've got about 14 tomatoes coming, all very green and quite small at this stage, but that will improve.
We have butter beans out the front, that I think have now done their dash.... Time to replace them with something!.
Zucchini's are flowering a lot, so hopefully we'll see some fruit soon.
Capsicums look healthy, one of the containers of chillis looks about dead, but that's okay, there's plenty more.
Cucumbers, carrots and onions all look pretty stable to me.

Our worm farm looks like it's about ready to have the bottom tray rotated again, which means MORE FERTILISER! (not really caps worthy, but I'm excited), which would be a good idea. Haven't given the plants that kind of feed for a while. Just worm juice weekly....

Today I got something out of the way, I finally transplanted the silverbeet. We had 6 plants growing in a foam veggie box, and they were a bit cramped. The soil in the box was also too shallow, so I topped it up. We now have 3 silverbeet in a round pot and 3 in the original container. See if that prompts some more growth.
I watered them in and gave them some worm juice to keep them happy/alive. Also gave everything a water, so that should keep things ticking along.

The plan is to start planting out some of the winter things in the next couple of weeks. We're going to grow from seed this time, so we're giving ourselves a chance to propagate and then plant into containers. We'll see how it all goes....

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I walked from East Melbourne to Parliament station today. Through Fitzroy Gardens. Past the spot where Chris and I had our family engagement bash. Well not really past the spot, rather I altered my route so I passed within site of the spot. I realised where I was when I was half way through the park. It was one of the last times I saw dad either not in his house or not in hospital. I remember dad perching himself in a wheelchair (it's arguable as to whether he really needed the wheelchair or not....) next to the park bench. Sports coat on over a faded and hole-riddled polo shirt and a pair of faded jeans that were too big for him now. His feet in the sandals that were the only shoes he could wear owing to a badly fused bone in his big toe (or something....)

Passing through the park, turning away from the spot, I realised I was skirting the Peter Macallum Cancer Institute. To go past or not...? My feet seemed to decide for me, as they took me to St Andrew's Place, and I passed in the shadow of that white cubic building, knowing nothing had changed within. I know what the inside of that building looks like now. In many ways I wish I didn't. In other ways I'm glad I was there as much as I was.

I don't know what the point of this post was, just that places and memories are always intertwined for as long as either exist.
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Relates to this post:
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As some of you are aware, when the day came for the fun run I was not in attendance.

I had every intention of making up up until I realised, the night before, that it was already 1:30AM and I was still at La Trobe, and I hadn't eaten dinner. I wasn't anticipating having to bump out Colosseum in its entirety that night, but unfortunately we had to. The race started at 7:30am Sunday morning. The earliest I could have gotten to bet was about 2:30am - and given that hour of the night I had Maccas for dinner. These factors combined to make me think better of attending the actual event.

So, in lieu of the proper event I will be doing a 10km solo jog in about a fortnight (November 1 or 2), with Chris riding a push bike along side me, potentially shouting motivational/abusive things at me as I go.

I intend to then hold a picnic (weather permitting).

In spite of my own crapness, the donations and support given to me through the journey has been simply awesome. Even without the event, I have run 26km in September, and will pass than in October (training starts again tomorrow! It was going to be tonight, but it's raining a lot...).

When I'm organised I'll post something on facebook about it, all proper like. Oh I can still be sponsored for the Run4Refugees thing up till the end of this month - if you have forgotten and intended to, the money is still welcome!!!! They have raised $137,000 so far. This means they can just about fund their entire food, medicine, MetCard and Community Meals budget for a year, off the back of funds raised by the run.

Anyway yeah, wish me luck (mark 2).
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I have had a splendid weekend.

Utterly splendid.

We had a night at the Langham Hotel on Southbank (with a random upgrade from a Club Room to the Corner Spa Suite). Saw Thyestes (brilliant piece of theatre, not event appropriate, but still brilliant theatre (more on this in a later post... but have a quick look here for an idea:

So yes, fun, frivolity and opulence.

Very spoilt, and very lucky.

I'll see many of you Friday!
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In case LJ gets people facebook misses...


I'm in it!
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I haven't done one of these in a while. So here's the story of 2010 so far:

At the beginning of 2010 I started to strategise a pathway into drama teaching, which I decided last year sometime was the way for me to go. So I flicked through university websites, last year I had gone to look at what's actually involved in doing a Dip Ed. and what you need to have done to qualify for various teaching methods etc.... I discovered that I was short some drama and theatre subjects, the VIT and universities weren't interested in practical experience, it had to be a formal qualification.

So, thought I, I need to do a Grad Certificates worth of study in the field - enough to qualify for a 'minor' in drama/theatre studies alongside my major in Classical studies. So, off I went. Scouring for somewhere I could do such a course. Melbourne was being all "Melbourne Modeled", so it was useless to me. Deakin and Monash both had drama/theatre schools - but they were all either undergrad or full Masters programs. So I settled on La Trobe. I got everything in the pipeline, and asked them about what was involved, when forms had to be in etc....

The answer I got was that I'd be fine to get in. They also gave me semester dates, from which I deduced Semester 1 would be impossible what with the wedding and all the followed. Turns out I DEFINITELY made the right decision given dad's passing 6 and a half weeks after I was married.

So I held off and applied for semester 2 at the absolute last minute. I started this week. I am doing:

Processed based performance
Shakespeare in Performance
3rd year Production

Which is grand. So basically I have no lectures, all my classes are workshops/rehearsals. I've got Shayne to carpool in with each morning I'm at uni, and I'll be in a show at the start of October.

So.... where's the downside? I'm going to have to quit the playground. Which is unfortunate, but it's going to be necessary for me to see this through. I couldn't work it next year anyway, as I'll be doing a Dip Ed. And I'm pretty sure study like that and a quasi-full-time job do not mix. So that's that then....

All things being equal, by the end of summer semester I'll have completed the grad cert, and I can start a Dip Ed. - possibly back at Melbourne - and I'll have started on my merry way. I'll do classical studies and drama, and be the coolest teacher in the universe.

Let's see what the future holds! It's good to be underway again. I feel like I've stood still for too long - career wise that is. Life has bounded ahead in most other departments. But jobs stuff has stagnated.
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I still get this odd feeling from time to time that I am missing a conversational companion. It has been made more acute because much of the conversation of recent times has been on the topics of soccer and Australian Politics.

You see, Julia Gillard was a Victorian solicitor before she was a politician. This means my dad would have held an opinion on her, however ill-informed. Ergo, conversation would have been... And the world cup? Well we always talked about the world cup when it was on.... As inane as I may have labelled such conversations in the past, I miss them.

That's the reality of the situation. And there's not much I can do about it.
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I spent this evening writing a grant application to the City of Yarra to fund a "edible garden" project at Cubbies.

It asks:

What are the aims of this project.

I wanted to write:

We want to get kids to grow their own food because gardening is fun and educational, and research (and common sense) shows that kids that have more fun and are smarter are less likely to go to jail, do drugs, commit suicide, torture people, mug old ladies, kill kittens or commit genocide later in life.

what I wrote was something like:

This project aims to engage youth in a positive and educational activity that will engender a sense of empowerment and self-reliance, while strengthening social networks and confidence.

Or something. I actually can't remember

EDIT: I found the text:

The Cubbies Garden Project will:
• encourage young people and children to participate in a positive and healthy activity.
• foster a sense of independence and control in young people by allowing them to design their own garden and control their own space
• equip children and young people with skills and provide education about sustainability, health and horticulture.
• increase the capacity of Cubbies in the long term, opening up a whole new kind of activity for young people to enjoy in the playground for years to come.

I like the first one better. The grant-maker would probably disagree....
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  • Hot Poppy Breakfast
  • Watch DVDs and fold programs
  • Go check on the bowls club
  • Wait for florist to drop off button holes at home
  • Get married
  • Take photos
  • Get a rickshaw to the bowls club
  • Dance, eat and be merry
  • Go to the Hilton at Melbourne Airport

Today Good!!!
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Our wedding rings arrived today.

That is all.


Mar. 16th, 2010 10:21 pm
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It is done )
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As many of you know I work at the Fitzroy Adventure Playground. Here is probably the best summary of it:

So, the kids we work with have got a thing for a Brazilian dance/martial arts technique called Capoiera. There's a show on at the moment called "Warriors of Brazil" that is an all singing all dancing Capoiera spectacular.

So I emaield them last week saying "Hey, on the off chance this is possible, could some performers meet our kids? We're taking them to see the show on the weekend!"

They're coming tomorrow.



Jan. 28th, 2010 08:58 pm
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I had a dance lesson (a very informal one) with my aunt Anna yesterday so that [ profile] mstakenidentity and I can waltz at the wedding. It was awesome, I had a great deal of fun! And the actual dancing part of it was deeply enjoyable. Something in it tickles my romantic side I think....

We're going to keep it up over the coming weeks, and (hopefully) look stunning on the day. At least that's the plan.

And I only burst out laughing twice! And I think it was only noticeable once....
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, mc_shamo sent to me...
Twelve li_tans drumming
Eleven wintrmutes piping
Ten macs a-leaping
Nine docklands acting
Eight scrubs a-directing
Seven classics a-reading
Six movies a-cooking
Five ari-i-i-istophanes
Four whostolemypants
Three cyprus
Two guru-swami sayings
...and a wine in a comedy.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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For Chris' Birthday I'm taking her here .

I've been looking for an excuse to try the joint out, so yeah....

She doesn't know, and is flocked from this. She'll find out tonight.

EDIT: Unlocking now, because the birthday is done!

It was fantastic, highly recommended.


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