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Work: Normal. Nothing to see here. Move along.....

Study: Very intense. Got to bash my way through two essays tomorrow. But I think I'll be fine.

School: As in teacher placements - I have lots of thoughts on this.... So a summary is hard.

The opportunity afforded to you by teaching is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. I just realised that next term I will be introducing Homer to a bunch of year 10s who won't know what it is. But what if I suck. I know Homer has probably survived literally thousands (10s of thousands?) of bad teachers. But still, what if I ruin it for these kids? Lets not even consider the damage you can do in my other classes, history and drama.... But someone's got to do it, I suppose... Still, gearing up for it. Next term is the block placement, when the real work begins!.

So, what else?

Honestly there isn't a lot else. There's not that much time for a lot else. It's been too long since I've seen people. But that's kind of my life at the moment.

Oh the garden isn't dead. THere's Capsicums coming, and zucchinis. And even more tomotoes (they aren't all dead afterall!). Beans out the front and I've recently planted out some seedlings I propagated myself (Leeks, cabbage and cauliflower). We'll see how they go!.
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So this year has begun in earnest. It's already my week 3 of uni, and on Thursday I get to go out to Uni High and student teach it up. There's a lot of reading. So much reading. And so much of it is EXACTLY THE SAME.....

But still. I'm acheiving one concrete thing. I'm walking into uni every day (3 days a week so far), and walking home again. That equates to about 9km each uni day, so I'm happy with that. I want to keep it up when rounds start so that I'm also walking to uni high... That means on a normal week, 36km of walking. That's a pretty tidy sum. More when block placements start up after anzac day.

Assessment insanity begins in about 2 weeks.

But it has not begun yet.

I knew it was going to be like this....

Oh, the garden still exists. And there are more tomatoes coming. My seeds I put in the propagation tray have sprouted, and need to be transplanted (job for Wednesday evening I think!).

Other aspects of life roll on as they do.... There's no shortage of things going on. It's tiring, but I like it.
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I haven't done one of these in a while. So here's the story of 2010 so far:

At the beginning of 2010 I started to strategise a pathway into drama teaching, which I decided last year sometime was the way for me to go. So I flicked through university websites, last year I had gone to look at what's actually involved in doing a Dip Ed. and what you need to have done to qualify for various teaching methods etc.... I discovered that I was short some drama and theatre subjects, the VIT and universities weren't interested in practical experience, it had to be a formal qualification.

So, thought I, I need to do a Grad Certificates worth of study in the field - enough to qualify for a 'minor' in drama/theatre studies alongside my major in Classical studies. So, off I went. Scouring for somewhere I could do such a course. Melbourne was being all "Melbourne Modeled", so it was useless to me. Deakin and Monash both had drama/theatre schools - but they were all either undergrad or full Masters programs. So I settled on La Trobe. I got everything in the pipeline, and asked them about what was involved, when forms had to be in etc....

The answer I got was that I'd be fine to get in. They also gave me semester dates, from which I deduced Semester 1 would be impossible what with the wedding and all the followed. Turns out I DEFINITELY made the right decision given dad's passing 6 and a half weeks after I was married.

So I held off and applied for semester 2 at the absolute last minute. I started this week. I am doing:

Processed based performance
Shakespeare in Performance
3rd year Production

Which is grand. So basically I have no lectures, all my classes are workshops/rehearsals. I've got Shayne to carpool in with each morning I'm at uni, and I'll be in a show at the start of October.

So.... where's the downside? I'm going to have to quit the playground. Which is unfortunate, but it's going to be necessary for me to see this through. I couldn't work it next year anyway, as I'll be doing a Dip Ed. And I'm pretty sure study like that and a quasi-full-time job do not mix. So that's that then....

All things being equal, by the end of summer semester I'll have completed the grad cert, and I can start a Dip Ed. - possibly back at Melbourne - and I'll have started on my merry way. I'll do classical studies and drama, and be the coolest teacher in the universe.

Let's see what the future holds! It's good to be underway again. I feel like I've stood still for too long - career wise that is. Life has bounded ahead in most other departments. But jobs stuff has stagnated.
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A stay of execution, it seems


Dec. 2nd, 2008 07:44 am
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Well I've been accepted into RMIT to do an MA in Arts Management.

What does this mean precisely? Well I don't actually know. But I think it will be useful!

I'll see how I travel with it next year.


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