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Well, we've tried it out on an audience now.... And it's going swimmingly! Amazing bunch of people doing amazing things.

There are 6 shows left, shows on Thursday, Friday & Saturday this week and next.

So Come along peoples! for info and bookings.

Also, if you're one of the lucky ones who's seen the show and you want to let us know what you thought of it, we'd welcome the feedback.

Email to - and give us a piece of your mind! Please note, we may quote you in future publicity material*.

*Unless you thought it was a dog's breakfast, and that we should all be shot. We might not quote that kind of feedback....
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Time to plug this on LJ I think.....

It opens Wednesday! Come and see it! I'm in it, and so are a bunch of other people who are much better than me!

'A pickle is served with aplomb in this new translation of Plautus' anarchic romp. When a wily slave is entrusted with his absent master's quixotic son they clock up an imposing tab. But who's paying for the final round?'

Come see Omniprop's first production for the year. Mostellaria! Directed by Tom Atkinson and Sam Browne.

Show runs Wednesday 20/5 to Saturday 23/5 with matinee performances are on Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd at 3.30pm. All evening performances start at 7.30pm. Pricing: Full $15, Concession $12, Union Members $10.

Bookings Phone: 0432332346 or Email:

Tickets available on the night, cash only!.
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Check this out:

It's still early days....


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