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Jan. 3rd, 2009 06:43 pm
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In 2009, mc_shamo resolves to...
Go acting three times a week.
Become a better trombone.
Cut down on my reading.
Take cows_might_fly directing.
Take evening classes in greece.
Volunteer to spend time with classics.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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2008 was good to me. A year of crises, yes, but crises precipitates change. And change is never boring....

Some things didn't change. A lot didn't change for me actually. I still have 2 arms, for example. This is a good thing.
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I figure I may as well do something good with my new years resolution to give up grog for feb.

Check it out

The url is a shade pretentious, but it's supports rehab for young people with substance abuse problems. It's actually an issue close to my heart


Jan. 1st, 2008 10:59 pm
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Last night was great - all attendees are thanked for making it one of the best vibes for a gathering in recent history. 2008 here we come.


1.) Have 2 grog free months this year. Jan and March won't work, due to travelling/weddings - so I might do it in April....

2.) Do more excercise.

That's about it.


My hot water service (which has been on the precipice of Hades for a while) has finally gone kaput. I've shut off the water to it (which seems to have stopped it leaking), and now I need to get it fixed. Hopefully I can find a band-aid solution that will hold it together for about 6 months.....

We'll see how much that will sting tomorrow I guess....

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Today I have discovered....

My cobbled area out back is much bigger than I thought. I thought there was a garden bed... turns out these were weeds growing out of underneath the house next door over the concrete.

The air-con unit that looks like it's from the 70s isn't so bad....

A fireman can sit in his MFB truck reading a book on Yoga...

The cardboard things that hold 6-packs together are worth diddly-squat.

Little Creatures Pale Ale Six-packs have a 2/3 chance of surviving a 3 foot fall onto concrete, which is pretty good.

There is so much broken glass on the streets/footpaths/nature-strips around here that 2 bottles worth of broken glass won't make a difference (I still cleared the footpath though).

Knitting spreads across a house, until (one day) there is no house left!!!! leaves her knitting everywhere.....

I need my green bin back...
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In 2007, mc_shamo resolves to...
Become a better urbandead.
Find a new drama.
Drink four glasses of latin every day.
Apply for a new trombone.
Give some movies to charity.
Take muffin_gloves cooking.

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