Jan. 6th, 2008 08:38 pm
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I saw Enchanted today, and it was very watchable and quite a good movie. It was self-consciously predictable and cliched in places. In short it was clever, witty, well thought out and it got out a basic (although twisted around) Disney 'true-love' story without annoying me. And that's no mean feat.

I also saw it Gold Class courtesy of my sister. So we did happen to be eating a cheese platter at the start, and choc-tops arrived half way through the movie. It helped the experience.... The seats are sooooo big.... And they've got electric recliner system thing... And they're cushy.... And there's a button for calling one of the wait-staff (yes, there's wait staff) to you if you need anything during the film!.

And Chris' feet couldn't touch the ground on the seats....
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See For Your Consideration . It is hilariously funny. Especially for the many of you on my flist who have been involved in plays etc....

God it's funny. It's all about an indipendent film 'Home for Purim'. It features a bunch of 'small time' actors - washed up has-beens and some up-and-comers. A rumour starts to circulate in the internet (the 'World Wide Interwebs' as they are referred to at one point in the movie) that one of these actors *could* be up for an oscar nomination. The rumour impacts the dynamic of the production, the relationships of the characters.

It's a stunningly cutting satire about the nature of holywood, awards and actors. Go see it.
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I just saw a movie with Andrew Denton in it called 'God On My Side'

Aside from the content of the movie, which was very interesting, there's some things I need to point out:

Andrew Denton went to a convention centre in Texas.

It was called 'The Gaylord Centre'

The convetion was for American televangelists.....

Is there a connection?


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