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2008 was good to me. A year of crises, yes, but crises precipitates change. And change is never boring....

Some things didn't change. A lot didn't change for me actually. I still have 2 arms, for example. This is a good thing.
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I found another reivew! Yes ANOTHER ONE!!!!

That means we've had 4 of them. The first one that came out early in the season was very favourable. The next two that came out 3/4 of the way through the season were not so favourable.... I have vented to the cast about these, and they've vented back. And the nature of the feedback from these reviews didn't upset me too much because they illustrated a degree of success in what I was trying to present with the production.

Then today I just happened accross another one that was very favourable indeed! So I was a shade chuffed.

It's not online, it's a print review only (as far as I can tell) and it's in this weeks edition of 'Inpress' - so if you've got the chance and the time have a squiz, we're on page 74.

Select quotes:

'I expected to have to work harder and laugh less'

'The performances are just right, out there and masterful'

'tight pacing means wordiness is nicely balanced with action'

'with this production of the oldest of plays you do get surprises.'

So - I've said it already, but well done everyone!


Oct. 6th, 2008 03:11 am
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That was a gobsmackingly good piece of work by many people involed with the show. I am so impressed, so proud and so humbled by the calibre, the commitment and the sheer enthusiasm of the people I have the privilege to work with. I'm gushy. But that's because it's all left me feeling so wonderful!

So well done to all. It was teh awesome!. And I'll see many of you next show. I'm sure....

Next in my sights: THE FROGS UNDERGROUND SPECTACULAR!!!! (okay the name sucks, but it's embryonic at the moment....).

Watch this space.
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I spoke on JoyFM last night. And unlike my previous radio jaunts I didn't suck! I'm very proud. However I had a lot less time than I thought I would, and spent a lot of time talking about war and politics and the process of translating a play like Lysistrata. But I didn't mention the bawdy aspect of the show, which made me sad. I didn't work a penis into the radio interview :( (he he he). However I only had 1 grab in which to talk to people - so that was good. We also got a plug out of it (I think - I mean the guy took down details of the show) I didn't stick around to listen so that's good too. Hopefully people who listen to JoyFM at 11pm on a Sunday night will now come to see the show!

Anyway yeah - I've clearly gained enough experience to be a level 2 radio Noob.

In other news - NIGHT OFF TONIGHT! Well not really, meeting my sister to try and get a photo/publicity grab into MX :).

Once that's done - I think I have to say 'I've done as much publicity whoring as I can - I've gotta stand back and let the show run its course'.

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Fun day!
Fun night last night too! I got a muffin with a candle for my birthday in the bar! Then I came home and Chris revealed my present to me. It's a full wooden chess table. All timber and very very pretty. I have pictures of it, but they are on the other computer.

So for today I have done didly squat. But enjoyed it. Slept in. No hang I didn't. I was up before 7, which is a habit I cannot seem to shake even today

Anyway I took care of some business for the theatre company (we've got a review coming up in Melbourne Community Voice) then went out for breakfast. Then we went picnic shopping! Then eva came round and gave me some chocolates! THEN we had a picnic which was grand. There was dolmades, and cheese and bread and stuffed peppers and stuff. It was lovely. And today it got to about 28, so it was perfect weather. Since then I've been continuing to laze around. Chris fell asleep. I didn't :).

So yay! Now for cake to have at trades hall. Then the play! Tonight will be awesome! I hear we'll have a very sympathetic audience :).
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Last post obsolete - for some reason it didn't post before I left.

Tonight was teh awesome wonderfully proud.

Well done all.

Oh and Happy Birthday to me!
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I just heard Bella Union's ad for Fringe@Trades on the radio! And we're in it!! It's true!!!


Omniprop is on the radio!

Now we just have to make it, well, good.... for info (there's more of it now) and for tickets!
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I've saved the plug on LJ till last!!!!

Simple. Violent. War-Mongers.
Still someone's got to take care of them. Keep them safe.
From themselves....
Oh sure, they're hot for blood. They might be hotter for something else though.
The men of Athens are about to learn a (rock) hard lesson.

First performed in 411 BC Omniprop presents a new rendition of Aristophanes' bawdiest comedy about war, sex, penises and priapism.

It all starts next Thursday (preview Wednesday) as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

After a range of dramas (ba-dum-tish!), a few major setbacks, some dilemmas, blood, sweat, tears and general hard work it's on.

It's been 8-9 months in the making (including yours truly's translating time), it's come together and due to the work of a marvelous cast and dedicated crew it's going to rock socks.

It's a great moment for the company. 6 Years ago, sans funding, sans theatre space and sans rehearsal time we threw together a performance of this 2400 year old story. That performance is what started the ball rolling. So here we are in 2008 - 6 full scale performances under our belt, hours and hours of work and a passion for this ancient material that just won't wane - about to bring it to life in 2008.

It's contemporary, it's cutting and it's just plain dirty. It's the men. You see... they've got these... Oh hang on. I won't spoil it.

Hope to see you there! Bookings being taken at - or 9660 9666.


Aug. 27th, 2008 10:47 am
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After my last, brief post, I figured I'd flesh out the detail.

I've taken a job here that I spoke about in an earlier post. So now, I have resigned my full time position at the City of Melbourne, after 3.5 years.

I've worked literally 4 jobs since starting in Feb 2006. Starting off in customer relations (frontline as it was called), moving to Docklands Transition in an Admin Role, then into Community Development as the 'Community Hubs Officer' - which meant promoting, administering, maintaining and managing a community venue in Docklnads. More recently I've been in libraries (only for the past 5 weeks mind you) plugging staffing gaps and learning the ways of the Melbourne Library Service.

So the new plan: 3 days a week in Fitzroy (21 hours) and then about 15-20 hours working as a casual in the relief staff pool at the libraries. It'll be good, it'll be fleixible and it'll be rewarding.

And it all starts on September 15th.

Only 2.5 weeks away.

And the show is only 4 weeks away.

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Is it me? Do I smell?

How is it that about half of a cast can pull out on a show?

I don't understand.....


Aug. 13th, 2008 10:52 pm
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Once there were 13.

Now there are 8.

Le sigh.
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Fortunately I got Lysistrata into a working order in a timely way

Unfortunately I didn't get a strong a turn out at the auditions as I'd have hoped

Fortunately the calibre of the people I saw was very high, and I found a Lysistrata

Unfortunatley after accepting the role, she pulled out of the show

Fortunately the other roles were under control and the new Lysistrata was going to be great

Unfortunately I then lost a chorus member

Fortunately re-juggling the cast was easy

Unfortunately I heard another one of my cast members (deservingly) got cast as Lady MacBeth in another show.

Fortunately she's sticking it out.

Unfortunately this will further complicate scheduling.

Fortunately my mentor Melanie Beddie used the word 'Terrific' in an email she sent to me after reading the script. This was a surprise, I had convinced myself it sucked.

Unfortunately I've now lost one of the boys. This is worse than losing one of the girls, becuase there's less of them.

Fortunately I can reprise my role as the Spartan ambassador if neccessary.

Unfortunately this is hard (he he he hard).

Fortunately I have my health!
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Why does it always happen?

I have a cast and a schedule. Things seem under control (it's a facade, I know, but I like my facade!).

And then someone quits the show....

Le sigh...
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Omniprop Productions is performing a new translation of Aristophanes' most famous and hilarious comedy, Lysistrata, as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. 24/9/08-5/10/08

Audition locations are TBC at the moment, but the weekday ones will take place at Melbourne University, the Sunday sessions will be in Richmond!

Auditions will be in group workshop style and last approximately 1/2 an hour. They start on the hour (ie at 6pm, 7pm etc....)

No preparation necessary, but feel free to read over the play prior to coming in!

(From Wikipedia)
Led by the title character, Lysistrata, the story's female characters barricade the public funds building and withhold sex from their husbands to end the Peloponnesian War and secure peace. In doing so, Lysistrata engages the support of women from Sparta, Boeotia, and Corinth. All of the other women are first against Lysistrata's suggestion to withhold sex. Finally, they agree to swearing an oath of allegiance by drinking wine from a phallic shaped flask.

Omniprop or on Facebook is dedicated to performing the ancient theater of Greece and Rome. Believing that ancient theater cannot and should not be confined only to the written word, we use our own translations of these classics and strive to give the general public access to extraordinary material they might not otherwise experience.

We will be casting for all roles. There are numerous parts for men and women of all ages. Previous experience not mandatory. All decisions will be based on auditions. Auditions are; 29/7 & 31/7 @6-8pm. 1/8 11am-4pm and 3/8 1pm-4pm. Please email with preferred time if interested. This is an unpaid job however all successful participants will receive immortal glory.

A reading of the play, it's quite short, is suggested before auditions. The Penguin translation is quite good otherwise you can read it online

(Note: Sometimes this page needs to be refreshed a couple of times before it works)

Please feel free to spread the word about this! Anyone and everyone is welcome to try out.
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Last night peace was declared and the Peloponnesian War ended.

That's the bit I'm up to. Crappy literal translation will be done by the end of the week at this rate. Then I start the editing, and Auditioning people on the week of the 28th of July!

I'm also highly bored, doing translating on the sly at work, and in spite of early morning energy, am now feeling lethargic. I blame work and the desk and stuff.

I really wish I had access to my omniprop email at work. I mean, I have real work to do...
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Lysistrata Auditions will be taking place during the week of July 21st. I'm working to give people as many options as possible - Daytime/evening/weekend slots will be available.

Watch this, and other, space(s)!
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When I registered Lysistrata for the Fringe Festival, I took the time to fill out an application for 'Outside Eye' - a mentoring program where you can get 8 hours consultancy with an industry professional, master classes, and 'research time' in a venue in the Arts Centre.

Today I find out I got it! And I don't know why! But I don't care!


It's rolling. Poster shots tomorrow night, auditions in about 3 weeks (or so - don't worry, you'll all know when I have a date set).

Now I just have to do more translation (900 lines in).


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