Aug. 6th, 2009 10:25 pm
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Cat food

May. 11th, 2009 11:08 pm
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Turns out we are bad parents...

I figured cat food followed the duff beer principle. There was one enourmous vat of slush with different pipes coming off it to say 'wiskas' 'dine' 'snappy tom' etc... But it was all pretty much the same.

Turns out it ain't so. Loki had the runs, so we took him to the vet. The reason he had the runs: shit cat food.

So lesson learned. Aldi catfood is not a very good idea. Although according to the vet, most supermarket stuff is pretty poor...

Of course they could just be trying to sell cat food. But we'll see. If Loki's dihorrea stops, it's worth it.

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I know there have been a few posts about the state of our cat Loki of late, the short story is that he's fine, that the surgeon did his work and charged us enough to cover costs and that he's a highly unusual cat on the inside (apparently).

I noticed him having trouble breathing last night when I got home at about 9pm. I watched him until it was time to get Chris. He was very still, and was sitting there with his ribs visibly heaving away.

I patted him, and he didn't seem to have the breath in him to purr.

So... He got better by the time I arrived home with Chris. When we fed him this morning he was fine, then we went shopping. But by the time we'd come back he was in the same state. So, after a short discussion, it was off to the vet! I couldn't stay because I was working all day.

Anyway the tall and short of it was: The vet went "Oh bother, I think his hernia may have come back - which is silly because it's not supposed to happen. Or there's something else wrong with him, which is also a bother".

So after an X-ray... there it was. It was back. And he needed to go back to surgery for basically the same operation. I was being relayed this information while working the circulation desk at City Library, where I'm not supposed to use my phone. So it wasn't a pleasant afternoon. We were faced with the prospect of another $2k+ bill for surgery, and apparently it's riskier a second time around. It was literally last week when we finished paying back the money for the first lot of surgery. The GE card we got to cover it was cancelled 2 days ago. But other options (which we were given) were not even considered because my beloved and I are certifiably crazy cat people.

So.... Next I heard Sam (who's part of these guys ) had agreed to do the surgery at cost. It was either because he'd stung us enough the first time, or because he took pity on our boy.

Suddenly it was all manageable. Loki just had to get through round 2 with his own digestive system.

So work finished, and I made my way down to Kensington to collect the boy and my girl - who due to time constraints was making her own way down to the clinic on foot. When I arrived Chris was waiting at the desk. Sam came out and went on about how interesting and unusual the case was, and explained what seemed to have happen. It was different to last time (the abdominal material hadn't gone up through the old opening, but it had made its way through regardless). Strictly speaking, it wasn't a complication from the earlier operation - and Sam even thinks it might be worth lodging an insurance claim for it. There is a very real chance it will be knocked back, but there is no harm in asking - we insured both the boys with this mob after last time.

So.... Sam told us about how he had re-arranged Loki's insides, had put things were they were supposed to go, and this time had stitched his stomach into place to ensure that it stayed put. His prognosis was good, we could take him home. So home he came. There was one tense moment when he was sitting very still in the cat carrier while we were in the car. His head was sitting on the little water bowl thing that's built into it, he was perfectly still. He gave us both a fright because he looked, for all money, like he might have left us.... But when we opened the door, he perked up. It was like he nodded off with his eyes open.

He's been keeping to himself. Staying quiet and he's been highly disoriented and still very very high. Occasionally he's been letting out a yelp - but that's probably because he's moved something around the surgical site that must still be a bit ouchy. He'll be fine. He's a tough cookie. He's sleeping in our room tonight.

So I've been patting him. He has the breath to purr again.


Jan. 27th, 2009 08:12 am
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Just got back from the specialist, and Loki had his stitches out. He's fine, the surgeon is happy with he way it's healing up, happy to hear that his breathing is normal and thinks that Loki's going to be fine from here in.

So that's one saga over. Silly cats!

The other one is fine too. Just fat.


Jan. 16th, 2009 06:41 pm
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He's back, as per Chris' earlier post. He's okay. He's eaten a bit, done a wee and drunk some water.

So all in all he's pretty normal. Very quiet, very dopey. The scars are muchos impressive. And I don't envy him.

Oh, and by the way for all interested watchers:

Loki's treatment was in excess of 3 grand all together. And this particular pet insurance costs between 180 and 250 a year (depending on the kind of cover you want). We've signed both boys up, and if you're the 'I'm not putting my cats down unless it's on humane grounds' people we are, it'll pay for itself one day....
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Left him with the Surgeon at about 6pm. Got a call about 50 minutes ago.

He's okay, the operation was successful, they're keeping him overnight to watch him. Apparently it was quite complicated. His stomach, spleen and some other digestive organ that humans don't have had wormed their way up into his chest cavity via the hole in his diaphragm that his oesophagus goes through. I assume that means the hole wasn't properly sealed around the Oesophagus or something....

He's got it all out, is certain it's congenital and not caused by trauma, and now he's recovering.

His prognosis is good, provided there aren't any complications from the surgery tonight.



Apr. 7th, 2008 12:55 pm
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I had about 4 quite vivid dreams sometime between 5 and 6 am this morning. Most of them involving me thinking that I'd gotten up already... One of those was the classic: Whoops, you've gotten up, got in a bus and you don't have any clothes on things. Another was about Chris' little brother getting up far too late and swearing a lot. This did happen later on....

The weirdest one involved about 5 or 6 cats, and 2 dogs making their way into our house. There were 2 old men sitting on the couch in the lounge, and I think I first noticed 2 dogs near the study. They were fighting, and the (clearly) bigger dog was winning, and to my mind looking to do some damage. Being the compassionate man I am I picked them both up, walked over to the back door and chucked the two of them into the backyard, thinking that' d fix them.... Interesting......

I told of the 2 old men for letting all these animals in through the back door. I also explained that we needed to keep our own cat indoors because he's feral-ish, and we're paranoid about him scooting at first opportunity. I think I then proceeded to throw the miscellaneous cats out the back door one by one. Something sticks in my mind, the back door was at the back of the house, not to the side.... Dunno why that detail sticks in my head, but it does. I also never closed the door behind myself, so the cats just kept on wandering back in. FInally I came upon 1 cat that was identitcal to Loki though. The two of them were side by side. Looking back I don't know how, but I managed to pick out the not-Loki one, turned to say something to the old men, and then the two cats had turned from short-haired creatures to quite long haired creatures.... And both were petrified, fur standing on ends petrified....

Then I woke up. And with every one of these dreams I spent a good 2 minutes thinking they were real untill it dawned on me, hang on, I'm still in bed... So that never happened. Good...
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I'm not really doing much this afternoon....

The past few days have been wonderful fun on many many fronts. I went to the Gym on Saturday. Then I got a kitten! He's no longer afraid of humans! I've held him and stroked him etc... I've named him Loki, after the Norse god of trickery and deception!

I've had the pleasure of [ profile] cows_might_fly's and [ profile] clappamungus's company once more on Saturday Night. I can't really put into words how great it is to see the two of them again.

I had the pleasure of their company again for our 'Hang-over breakfast' on Sunday, that's fun!. I think it could form a regular 'post-pub' activity....

Then on Sunday Night I was taken out to a classy St Kilda Venue (Riva) with [ profile] mstakenidentity's parents to celebrate Jim Curtain's last day as a serving member of the RAAF....

Food was delicious. Just had to deal with obnoxious St Kilda types around the place.....

So yes, good times had be all of late.


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