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Things are chugging along - In general that is. I've got someone else who's working the front desk at work now, which kind of gives me some kind of seniority. It's different, it's good, it's noice....

I'm now taking a few days off from rehearsing too (this week), which is also nice. It's good to be able to actually make dinner, and eat it - without having to scamper around like an insane man because you get home from work at 5:30 and are due for a rehearsal at 6:00....

I also now hoave a set designer [profile] _bounce_ is volunteering her time and experience to the project. So far she's: Made my idea more feasable, corrected a couple of problems AND found corregated iron for me. It's a very good start - and it's boding well for the future.

So next week - it's time to focus on the play for moi. None of this work crap to get in the way. We open in 3 weeks tomorrow. Thus I have a moderate sense of urgency about next week. But all will be well. Worry not.

Taking wednesday off for a meeting with Nic and Jodie of Union House Theatre (the group that run the theatre space, and give us money) to iron out some details. We also still need someone to do lights....

Wednesday is allso [profile] alleycat04's MRI, so wish us luck for that one. It'll all allow her (and me) to start to take back some control of things - rather than letting the things control us.

And yeah. This week I'm officially divorced. Next week I turn 26. 2 Weeks after that my first translation of a greek play will be performed. It's a shade full on.
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This weekend has been kind of productive. this is drivelous and boring )
And that was the weekend: Buying lots of meat, David moving in, fixing lots of shelves.

What a weekend... :).
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It's time for an update-o-rama.

TIE on Friday was great. Kudos to all (all being [ profile] rin_tin_tin_, [ profile] mstakenidentity and [ profile] _audhumla_ once again). The ladies we performed to were lovely. And they paid up front. It was awesome.

Saturday: Bunnings mission. The hole our cabinet put in the wall needed fixing. So I spak-filla-ed it up. It's fine. Patched, just needs paint now and you wouldn't know we'd dented the crap out of.

Sunday: Robyn ([ profile] alleycat04's mum) came for lunch. It was her birthday, and we wanted to test out the BBQ i got last week. So it was a spit-roast. Because I'd never done one before. (Insert childish giggle from [ profile] mstakenidentity here).

And now it's Monday. All is well. Work was, well work and things are good. Life is quiet without TIE to rehearse for, but it gives me more time for other things.

So there it is. Short but sweet.

I have omitted something. Some of you may know what it is. The others will find out in the fullness of time.

Here's a clue: OOOOOOOOWWWWW!
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I'd like to say a very big public thank you to [ profile] clappamungus and Nick for their help last night. The TV cabinet beat us. It joined forces with the stairs and overwhelmed us. Moving furniture is always fun with this woman :) (insert mad cackle from [ profile] tayto here).

I've formed a new theory on how to move it though... and will have another crack at it in the not too distant future (see parenthesised section above)


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