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We gotsed reviewed . Somewhat generously too. Yay!. Now I have to go to work. I got about 2 hours sleep. I still haven't eaten breakfast.... I have to leave in 5 minutes.... Interesting.


Oct. 16th, 2006 07:10 am
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As I sit here on a monday morning, eating my cereal, I realise that mundanity has now returned. Sigh.... Back to the grind. It all seems to go so fast. Ah well at least I got me a performable translation out of it. Congratulations again to all involved - I hope it was all worth it, certainly was for me.

The real question is: What would Aristophanes have made of it?

Hmmm.... wonder if Docklands has burnt down in my absence.....
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It came off. (The Clouds opening night that is)
(if someone had asked me if I thought it was going to come together 3 days ago, I would have said 'Hell no')

Mesa happy.


Eliza's even happy.

Which means no one is getting arrowed.


Eliza also got to fill out Omniprop's first incident report form! She had a turn in the theatre and fell up some stairs. So [ profile] hespa got to fill out a form to say that it happened 'Just in case the injury one day causes her arm to fall off'.

I'll leave her to tell the story.
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The past 2 days have been long. But no longer than I'd have expected. Yesterday was running around from about 9:00am to get things sorted so I could get to the theatre by 10. I got home a bit before 11.

Today was running around from about 8:00a to get things sorted so I could get to the theatre by 11. I got home a bit before 11.

Today I also made my (rather appalling) radio debut. If anyone was listing to Syn FM between 3:30 and 4:00pm, I was there. I was on radio. I sounded like a dickhead.

And sorted all that stuff has been. There are about 3 final props-costume issues to iron out. And about 4-5 techical points that the actors actually need to work on. Aside from that, Some sound stuff, some set stuff and it'll all be good.

Many people have done a bang up job under enormous pressure to get this show together.

I love them all.

Come see it. It's good. Opens tomorrow night.
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I don't have a copy of the the poster to put up yet.... I'll organise it in a second, BUT.....


The show's coming together to make something a bit unusual, a bit different.... It's noice.

It's in a week  and a half, and (please back me up on this loyal cast and crew) it's worth seeing.

Here's the official spiel:

The story of a heavily mortgaged, and somewhat 'simple', farmer, a smooth-talking philosopher and a spoilt S#&$t of a son caught up in Aristophanes’ kooky world of sham and con-artistry. What could possibly go wrong ...?

Omniprop Productions brings to life one of the oldest pieces of European comic theatre in existence in a brand new, bitingly contemporary and rollickingly funny production of Aristophanes’ classic The Clouds. Director/translator Seamus Magee has assembled another fearless group of University Students to tackle the at times monolithic theatrical tradition of Athens with a new ‘Austrayan’ translation of the hilarious battle between ‘right and wrong’ - or ‘old and new’ - for a modern Melbourne audience.

Chaotic, absurd, lewd and at times cuttingly truthful Aristophanes’ 2500 year old comic world isn’t as far removed from the here and now as you’d think...


And yeah....


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