Apr. 22nd, 2011

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I've started wet shaving with an old school safety razor. For those unfamiliar, and curious, here's some info via the font of all accurate knowledge wikipedia

And here's a pretty comprehensive rationale on why one might bother to use them

I had grown sick of chucking out a piece of plastic with 3-4 shards of metal in it, an aloe vera strip and all that other crud you find in a modern cartridge razor so often. I was also sick of paying 20 bucks to get a new pack of 5 each time. So I spoke to a barber when I was getting a haircut earlier this month. I told him of how I was contemplating learning to use a straight (Cut-throat) razor, because I was sick of battery powered 7 billion bladed wasteful pieces of crap.

He said cut-throats take a lot of time and patience to master, and the can seriously hurt yourself trying. He told a story about 2 mates who decided to try and shave each other's faces with a straight razor. And one of them actually managed to slash the others throat. Needed 14 stitches or something. A vintage safety razor though, well you can start using one of those straight away and it shaves better than a disposable and over time costs a lot less, and you can't cut your own head off by accident. You throw out just the blade once a week or so.

So I got one. this one to be precise .

The point of this entry is for me to note how I find the different blades that came with it so far.

I've used the Merkur blades that came with razor first up. They were good, quite heavy cut, perhaps I need something a little sharper or thinner. I'll change over on Sunday and we'll see how it goes.

On and Chris is 16 weeks pregnant tomorrow. This is many times more significant than me and my shaving.


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